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Experience Nature near your Cabin Rental

Cabin on the Creek is your destination for hunting trips, fishing trips, and relaxation!

Surrounded by a pristine slice of Wisconsin’s picturesque wilderness, Cabin on the Creek LLC is your gateway to the wonders of the natural world. While our guests stay in our cabin for a variety of reasons, including hunting trips, fishing trips (Lake Poygan is renowned for its excellent walleye fishing, northern pike fishing, and bass fishing), and snowmobiling trips, they universally recount their experiences with the local wildlife as one of the highlights of their adventure! It’s not uncommon for our visitors to marvel as “Deer would feed by the cabin” or watch in awe as they discovered “a newly born fawn in the grass by the barn”. For animal and nature lovers caught up in the hustle and bustle of city living, there is no better weekend getaway than at Cabin on the Creek!

Browse through our nature gallery below for just a few brilliant examples of the wildlife you can expect to experience during your stay with Cabin on the Creek LLC. From the beautiful menagerie of bright, colorful birds, singing their song for the enjoyment of your group, to the elegant majesty of a family of deer grazing on nearby foliage, our cabin rental is a nature and animal lovers haven. Book your reservation today!

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Our cabin rental is paradise for bird watching enthusiasts. Experience aquatic life like this turtle when you book Cabin on the Creek for your fishing trips. Our cabin for rent comes equipped with a bird feeder for easy, enjoyable birdwatching! See turtles and more while walleye fishing or northern pike fishing. Deer frequently visit the areas around your cabin rental! Watch for beautiful butterflies and other interesting insects around your cabin rental. A nest of baby birds waiting to be feed. Cranes are frequent visitors of Alder Creek, which feeds right into Lake Poygan. Ducks and other aquatic birds can often be found in Alder Creek. Nature enthusiasts who reserve our cabin rental can expect to see geese and their goslings waddle by! Bird eggs waiting to hatch and add to the beauty of nature! Birdhouses nearby to the cabin rental offer unique birdwatching opportunities.

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